Thursday, 19 April 2012

Starting out on the Pagan Path

The other day Chris and I decided to make the hour - hour and a half journey down to north Suffolk from our home in north Norfolk to visit my lovely mum for the day (as I rarely get to see her since there's such a distance between us). We did the usual sort of stuff, talk, bought food, had dinner etc etc.
One of the occasions previously I was visiting on my own, and me and mum held a full moon ritual together (my mum generally subscribing to being a CoE christian but having been in seasonal and moon rites with me before). Discussing the subject of Paganism and theology that day my mum was showing some Pagan leanings, no doubt influence from my developing path while living there.
So this time I generally asked if she'd had anything more of her 'Pagan leanings', knowing she had already conducted a full moon rite on her own,and the response was non-commital referring to being too busy for any sort of spiritual stuff, which is fair enough since she has a lot on her plate at the minute.

The thought did occur to me though, that perhaps she, like many others out there, had an interest in the Pagan path but has no idea as to where to start. There are a mass of forums out there dedicated to Pagan topics and the amount of posts from newcomers asking (what many already travelling would consider trivial) questions about virtually everything says to me that despite the fact the market is overflowing with 101 and intro books on Paganism and Witchcraft in particular as well as websites dedicated to the same newcomers still have confusion as to where to start!

So, for those interested, here's a few tips:

  • Start simple. Think about what it is about the Pagan path that attracts you, mostly I mean the theology. Think about what it is you hold as your core beliefs about divinity, the world around you and everything spiritual and build on that.

  • Stay simple. To begin with keep your spiritual practise basic, don't run before you can walk. If you choose to worship deitie(s) then worship and practise in a way that makes you feel spiritually fulfilled (as really that's part of the point of spirituality isn't it?).

  • Do your research. If you decide to follow a specific path, or worship specific deities then do as much research as possible, then do some more! The more you know about your path and God(s) the more your practise and path can develop and grow naturally and organically.

  • Go with the flow. Let your path grow and change as you do, and don't be afraid to disregard beliefs and practises that you feel no longer apply to you or they will just serve to hold you back and prevent you developing further.

Monday, 16 April 2012

Modern worship for modern folk

I look at my moon clock (lovingly bought by chris, with an arm twisted behind his back ; P) while writing this, and apparently here in the UK we're about 2 days after the start of the 3rd moon quater, which means we're 2 days into my period of worshiping the Morrigan which will carry on until the 1st  moon quater in a couple of weeks when I start my 2 week worship to Brigid (oh and by my reckoning the 1st and 3rd quaters are half-moons).
Now, I have a strange fondness for modern artwork of deities, especially of those I feel drawn to worship, so google gets a few extra hits from me on that. So, a few days ago I was having a peruse on my laptop at the pictures I had of deities and which one I could use as my mobile phone desktop picture. I found a nice one of Brigid and added it to my phone and made it my desktop.
Then the moon phase changed and I wanted to start turning my attention away from the lovely Goddess of fire to the more sensual Goddess of darkness. I had a slight realisation then (which hurt I can tell you), I can put a picture of Morrigan on my phone for half the month and Brigid for the other half!
So this is what I'm doing. As a way of bringing divinity into my daily life I use their image as a desktop. Simple no?
So, who needs big, elaborate statuary, or masses of jewellery depicting symbols of your favourite Gods? When you can just download a picture off google!
I know it probably doesn't really count as worship, but it's a good way of bringing your Gods to the forefront of your mind every time you get a text or make a phone call : )

Try it out if you think it's a good idea, there are some very beautiful pieces of artwork done by modern artists that can be found online, or paint one yourself and take a photo. At least that way if you feel in need of some divine support you only have to pick up the phone ^__^

Friday, 13 April 2012

Hello Internet!

My first blog (EVER!) might as well be a 'hello' to anyone and everyone out there so you can actually get to know who the heck I am and why I'm bothering to write about my life.
Firstly, and often most important in introductions, most people call me 'Ryan' (hi!) but you can call me what you like so long as you don't mind me doing the same!
Let's see, as this is a pagan blog let's talk aboout that; I've been a pagan since 2001 and at the time of writing I am a spritely 22 year old (I don't recommend jumping into paganism, alone at age 11, not a good idea). As I go down this path I seem to find pagan theology to be more and more dynamic, since setting foot on this muddy road my views and beliefs have changed from the typical Wiccan view to a hard polytheist, and I'm sure that'll change again in the future (and I'm sure a blog will arise from it's murky depths).
I also write a few essays on and off for The Witches' Voice (but then who doesn't), I haven't done one in a while but have an idea for an up an coming essay which I should hopefully have done...soon...ish lol! If you want to read my stuff my profile is >>>>>heeeeerrrreee!!<<<<<<
Believe it or not I'm also a Reiki Teacher, I really don't like the word 'Master' as it makes you sound better than you actually are, and we've got far to many new age practitioners who think they're ascended when actually they're just high (more rants on the new age topic to come : P).
What else can I say about me...I live with my parter Chris in 'sunny' Norfolk, been together 2 years this year, though it seems like longer (in a good way of
Oh, I work with the Irish Celtic Pantheon, and am dedicated to The Morrigan and to Brigid.
And I think if I told you anything else it'd be tantamount to sexual harrassment so we'll leave it at that.

Oh and lastly my spelling and grammar are, at times, terrible. So apologies in advance for that!

So, to sign off in typical pagan style, with as many blessings as possible:
Brigid bless
Morrigan strengthen you
Blessed Be
Flag, Flax, Fodder, Frig
Merry Meet, Merry Part, and Merry Meet again!